PAP Applications

PAP Applications

ORION's Proposal For Energy Saving Via Localized Precision Air Processing

High quality for confined spaces

Spaces containing equipment, production processes, and inspection processes related to semiconductor, liquid crystal, solar panel, and related technologies demand high precision and high stability air processing. As a result of these demands of whole area air processing, there are extremely high associated expenses and maintenance costs. ORION proposes construction of a high precision air processing system made of localized high quality spaces that can minimize the utilization of limited energy.

Reductions in expenses and labor associated with maintenance management

In whole area air processing, e xpenses are associated with maintenance management of the entire area, and when trouble arises, the entire area may incur damages. In localized air processing, individual air processors can be maintained, thus reducing potential damage to the entire factory area. Furthermore, repairs and HEPA filter replacement can be done in a short time.

Implement a precision air processing system suitable to your equipment, manufacturing processes, and space

Diversification of workspace demands and other drastic changes require the swift creation of a suitable environment. Localized air processing offers a flexible and prompt response to the demands of the production area including improved temperature and humidity accuracy and improved level of cleanliness.

Implementation of highly accurate and stable precision air processing is easy.

High quality whole area air processing that provides a high level of accuracy and cleanliness requires large air processing facilities. Localized air processing boasts simple, high accuracy temperature and humidity controlled air.

Great reductions is facility costs are possible.

By utilizing high accuracy temperature and humidity controlled, clean air only in spaces where it is demanded, a great reduction of costs involved with whole area high accuracy air processing can be realized by avoiding waste associated with high accuracy processing where it is not required.

Photolithography equipment (stepper)

Photolithography equipment prints minute electrode patterns onto silicon or glass on the order of nano-microns to hundreds of nano-microns in size, and the process demands air processing management of extremely high degrees of cleanliness and temperature and humidity accuracy.

Spin coater

A spin coater is used in the semiconductor manufacturing process to apply a resist fluid to a wafer that has undergone deposition and is also used in the production of optical recordable discs such as CDs, DVDs, BDs, etc. in order to apply the recordable layer to the disc. When doing so, the scale of the recording layer applied is in the order of nano units, and when making the very uniform layer which is required, any changes in viscosity due to changes in temperature and humidity can spell disaster. It is vital to plan
for constant temperature and humidity management, as well as stability in quality.

Precision temperature control for liquid crystal glass substrates

During the liquid crystal manufacturing process, temperature changes can result in expansion, contraction, and electrostatic formation on the substrate. In order to avoid trouble arising from such issues, temperature, or possibly temperature and humidity of the working environment must be precisely controlled.

Solder paste (solder cream) printer (screen printer)

During the liquid crystal manufacturing process, temperature changes can result in expansion, contraction, and electrostatic formation on the substrate. In order to avoid trouble arising from such issues, temperature, or possibly temperature and humidity of the working environment must be precisely controlled.

Solar simulator

Testing apparatus for evaluation of solar cell specifications by exposure to artificial sunlight. Temperature management is required to keep down heat from light sources in order to make stable conditions for measurement.

Precision Processing Machine

With current ultraprecision machine tools, sizes down to the submicron order are the norm, and there is a demand nano-unit scales.The smallest changes in temperature can result in expansion and contraction of equipment and the target work, so there is always the desire for absolute temperature control precision.

Printed circuit board stocker

Printed circuit boards must be kept at a uniform temperature and humidity throughout manufacturing processes before solder paste printing. Printed circuit boards have poor thermal properties, so management of storage temperature can reduce
lower yields due to poor soldering, and is effective at increasing quality.

Electron microscope

Electron microscope resolutions are at a level of 0.1 nm, and such a working environment demands a uniform range of temperature and humidity. In order to achieve more reliable, higher analytical results, better prepared environmental conditions are indispensable.

Tablet press

Presently, "powder processing technology", which is the means to process powder into an easy to handle shape, has become vital for all industries. A tablet press (also known as a "tableting machine") solidifies a powder by means of a kind of molding machine, and the internals of such equipment require an environment with a constant temperature and low humidity.

3-D measuring instrument

3-D measuring instruments require a minimum highaccuracy scale of 0.0005 ? 0.00001 mm. Improvement of measurement accuracy, demands a stable installation environment.


Chromatograph equipment measures the respective constituent contents of a sample. Measurement sensitivity is in the order of PPM (parts per million) to PPQ (parts per quadrillion, or 1 part per 10ยน?), and the technology is particular represented in the fields of biochemistry, pharmaceuticals, and foodstuffs. More reliable, higher level results come about with higher level improvements to the working environment.

Liquid dispensing (pipetting) equipment

Liquid dispensing equipment is widely used in the fields of biology, chemistry, and medicine. Improved accuracy can be achieved through temperature and humidity accuracy.

Electronic balance

Presently, mass measurement in analytical chemistry is generally done using the electronic balance. Proper environmental management can prevent the subtle changes due to fluctuating temperature and humidity, and provide more stable measurement results.

Fume hood

A fume hood provides internal temperature and humidity management of intake air.