PAP-L Low Temperature Series / Air-cooled type

Cooling the suction air at 35°C to 8°C with all fresh air


Processed air volume 5 to 7m3/min
Settable temperature range 8to18°C
Temperature control accuracy ±2℃


  • Cooling of heated products
  • Pre-cooling desiccant air conditioner

Specification table

Model PAP05A-L
Settable temperature range (1) °C 8to18
Temperature control accuracy (1) °C ±2
Cooling capacity (50/60 Hz) (3) kW 5.9/7.0
Rated treatment volume m3/min 5 to 7
Maximum external static
pressure (50/60 Hz) (4)
Pa 100/200
Ambient temperature
and humidity
range (suction air)
°C,% 15 to 35, 30 to 70
Suction temperature
change gradient
°C/ h Within ± 1
External dimensions (height × depth × width) (5) mm (1358 × 1100 × 600)
Product weight kg (185)
Control air outlet mm ? 150
Power supply (6) V (Hz) Three phases 200±10%(50/60)
Power consumption kW (4.7)
Current A (17)
Power capacity kVA (6.5)
Operation control system Inverter rotation speed control+hot gas bypass control
Refrigerant R410A
Refrigerating compressor output kW 1.7
1 Only for cooling (the set temperature is lower than the inlet air temperature). The controllable temperature range varies depending on the suction air temperature and humidity.
2 When suction air temperature and humidity are stable. Ejection port 1 point, accuracy of controller display value. Except when the cooling load is low and the compressor turns ON/OFF.
3 Conditions for calculating the cooling capacity are: inlet temperature and humidity 35°C, 65%, air flow rate 5m3/min.
4 External static pressure when operated at the rated rated air volume by throttling on the control air discharge side.
5 The height includes the discharge port.
6 The interphase balance of the power supply voltage should be within ±3%.

External Dimensions